The Fan Shroud of Turin


Daniel - AKA Simba, The Lion King

Chapter 6 of the book of Daniel describes Daniel in the lions' den. This is much different than the story of the guy that walks into a bar with a giraffe. The guy and the giraffe sit on bar stools and start drinking heavily. The giraffe gets so drunk he falls off the bar stool and onto the floor. The guy gets up to leave without the giraffe and the bartender yells, "Oi, you can't leave that lyin' there", to which the guy responds, "that's not a lyin, it's a giraffe". This isn't that story.

Darius the Mede became ruler of the kingdom of Persia and in order to safegaurd his interests, he appointed 120 satraps. Think of these satraps, or governers, as "loyal Bushies". The satraps reported to 3 supervisors, one of which was Daniel. Daniel was King Darius' favorite and the King considered giving Daniel position over the other supervisors and satraps. This angered the other supervisors and satraps, and in true political fashion, they decided to screw Daniel over, sort of like firing the U.S. Attorneys. They convinced King Darius to sign into a law the prohibition of worship of any entity besides the King for 30 days. Daniel broke this law by worshiping God and therefore was banished to the lions' den. Commit the crime, do the time!

In his painting "Daniel in the Lions' Den", 16th century painter Peter Rubens depicts the scene of Daniel in the lions' den, protected by the Fan Shroud of Turin. Presumably, infrequent bathing at that point might have also played a part in keeping the lions at bay.

Simba The Lion King

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